Brainstorming &

Your product is unique. Good packaging mirrors that.
We work together with you to develop the right
concepts for it.

We organize a briefing so we can get to know your
company, your product, and your needs. We take all the
knowledge gained from local and international market
analyses, which we are happy to conduct for you upon
request, and transform it into design concepts. These
concepts move your product into the spotlight at the
point of sale.

Creative workshop

Many eyes see better than two and many heads think
better than one! You already have so many ideas buried
deep within you. Together, we can bring them to life.
Let us show you!

We conduct creative workshops with up to 30 people to
develop ideas for unique packaging solutions. And by „we“,
we mean you, our design team, and a pool of internal and
external experts in the fields of technology, sales, and project

We hold these creative workshops at Packworld,
far removed from the day-to-day routine, which
enables us to dedicate ourselves completely to inspiration.
Just leave the task of preparing and conducting your
workshop to us. The result that emerges at the end of the
day will be one we can all be proud of. We guarantee it!


A good idea is only half the battle. Your packaging
needs the right design to transform it into an experience!

We bring design concepts to life using a range of
visualization techniques, both by hand and by using
high-end software programs. To ensure you have the
greatest number of options, we will present you with three
to five designs that vary in shape and design, as well as
the production technology used. The choice is yours!


Before our customers commit to a packaging design,
we are happy to produce prototypes upon request in
order to put it to the test. We use a variety of different
technologies when creating the prototype.


Drawing by hand is the easiest and fastest
way for us to record design ideas. We
work together with you to define the first
step for your future packaging design.

Want to change the design of your existing
product, or see how your new product
will look on the supermarket shelf? Photo
montages can show this, quickly and easily.

3D puts our designs within reach!
3D designs are representations that are
accurate to the last detail. They take into
account specifics such as filling volume,
wall strength, and stackability, and are the
basis for creating renderings and

Renderings bring out the finest surface
qualities, such as embossing, refinements,
and shades. Photo or rendering? The
photo-like realistic quality of renderings
makes it hard to see the difference.

A product becomes eye-catching only with
the right design! We are happy to provide
you with ideas based on your corporate
design. Moreover, we can create
professional product design through a
specialized partner agency upon request.

Putting it to the test –
we can also create prototypes of the
design our customers want, in various
quantities. We manufacture thermoformed
parts at in-house thermoform facilities –
even larger amounts of up to 100 units.
This allows you to test your customers’
direct response even before the product is
placed on the market.

We use stereo lithography or the FDM
procedure for non-thermoformed
prototypes. You receive a 3D sample
within a few days that we can also
decorate as needed.


Coming soon


Coming soon



There are 2 essential factors that are
key to packaging success or failure:
the look and the handling.

DesPro Design means: An attractive
appearance and appealing texture,
cast in a unique shape for simple and
practical handling. Features like these
will make your product an eye catcher
at the point-of-sale.



We are completely dedicated to designing plastic
packaging and combinations. As part of
Greiner Packaging, we combine:

That adds up to 100 years of strength
in plastic products. Let our expertise
lead your product to success.


Faster time-to-market

With us, you get a design agency and packaging
producer all rolled into one company. We develop
“intelligent” packaging, meaning that we include
all the steps of the value-added chain and their
contexts in our design concepts. This reduces
sources of error and saves time!


Cost innovation

When we are designing, we are thinking
of tomorrow, the day after, and the day
after tomorrow...regardless of whether
the focus is on reducing or
combining materials, optimizing stackability,
logistics costs, and the speed of production
and filling. We keep high efficiency in mind
in our designs, thereby optimizing
the cost to our customers.



We consider ourselves a design agency
embedded in an industry sector. We know
which designs are technically feasible
and manageable, and which ones are not. We
do not waste your time with design ideas that
are not practical!


Design ideas

Our heads are so full of packaging ideas – so many, in fact, that there are hardly enough products that could be packaged with them. Since we think our designs are so good and it would be a shame to leave them gathering dust in some drawer, we’re giving you a sneak peek into our treasure trove of ideas. The right packaging – perfect for your product -- could even be among these ideas.